Kyoto – Skywolf

New album Kyoto – Skywolf. The album will include 9 songs in styles: psychill, atmospheric breaks.
For making this album happen, many thanks to: Stratil (Uxmal Rec.) and my friends from Sundial Aeon for support and track Love shelter. Original by Sundial Aeon (Written and produced by Radoslaw Kochman , additional arrangements Vladislav Isaev) Remixed by Kyoto.
Special thanks to Enno Enzigo for design

Are you implying that you can exist partly in different points in space simultaneously?
-Yes, but in your reality.
-What do you mean?
-Here’s a spider crawling. You put your right hand on his way, the spider turns back.
Then you put your left hand to stop spider once again.
-In spider’s reality your hands are two different beings. But in your reality you are the one being, the left and the right hands belong to you at the same time.
-Okay, what if two wolves are attacking me, is it still two animals or a one being?
-Wolves, bears, insects and all the other animals can be hands of the Spirit. Don’t provoke him and no one will harm you.

Artist : Kyoto
Title : Skywolf 
Label: Uxmal Records (Mexico)
Format : digipack CD
Barcode : UXM1CD023
Mastering : Uxmal Rec
Artwork :
Genre : Psychedelic, Psy Chill
Release date : March 2014
URL : </p>
01 – Kyoto – Sunrise 
02 – Sundial Aeon – Love Shelter (Kyoto remix) 
03 – Kyoto – Last Sun 
04 – Kyoto – Mirablis 
05 – Kyoto – Skywolf 
06 – Kyoto – Air
07 – Kyoto – Space Lullaby 
08 – Kyoto – Moonstorm 
09 – Kyoto – Bodhisattva 

Information about release: Beatport, Psyshop, BeatSpace, Goastore