Kyoto – Squares and Triangles

We are glad to present to you Squares and Triangles, a new chillout album by Kyoto on Microcosmos Records.

The author of Kyoto is Vitalii Zenkov, an electronic composer from Russia. For more than 15 years, he has been producing high-quality music in chill-out, trance, downtempo, ambient. His production is closely associated with natural and cosmic vibrations and is colored with delicate emotional tinctures. His original atmospheric music made him widely recognizable among the fans of psychedelic chill-out and ambient.

Squares and Triangles album incorporates eight tracks using sounds of nature and animal noises. It is full of spectacular sound landscapes with the charm of feeling blue, is braiding a flowery ambient weaving of general analog synths and distinctive downtempo patterns. Calibrated counterpoints join languid melodies and invite you into a titillating journey beyond reality.

Turn on the new album by Kyoto and experience the vibrant spell of Squares and Triangles together with Microcosmos Records.

Artist : Kyoto
Title : Squares and Triangles
Label: Microcosmos Rec
Format : digital
Genre : Ambient, Space ambient, Psybient
Release date : Sep 2020
1. Kyoto – Forest Fairy
2. Kyoto – Shimmering Water
3. Kyoto – Red Sea Of Oblivion
4. Kyoto – Memories
5. Kyoto – Noctural Frequencies
6. Kyoto – My Dimension
7. Kyoto – Stop The Earth
8. Kyoto – Squares And Triangles

Information about release: Beatport, Psyshop, BeatSpace