Kyoto – Destiny Child

The album Destiny Child is a symbiosis of retro-wave and modern electronic sound. Kyoto’s music contains atmospheric and dynamics vibrations, feeling of flight. Conceptually the album is dedicated to the birth of a son. A new birth was the start of new ideas and new perceptions.
Artist: Kyoto
Title: Destiny Child
Label: Astropilot Music Label
Format: Digital
Artwork: Andrew Kukla

Genre: Psychill, Chillout, Chillwave, Retrowave, Electronic
Release date: February 2018

Information about release: Beatport, Psyshop, BeatSpace, Goastore
01 – Rebirth
02 – Have A Nice Trip
03 – Evoldica
04 – Outsider
05 – Spirals
06 – Destiny Child
07 – Tails
08 – Vortex
09 – Blowkiss