Kyoto – Izoterika Radioshow #014 Hypercube

Dear friends!
I decided to share all my radioshow mixes, which I played in 2011 on Internet station Psyradio.
Each radioshow is a compilation consisting the tracks of my favourite artists working in the genres of chillout, ambient, psychill, idm, experimental.
Each radioshow is its own element, its own emotions, its own journey.

Every Wednesday and Sunday I will post the new one of Izoterika Radioshow by Kyoto, today is the first recording, stay in touch and enjoy listening.

 01 Subheim - One Step Before The Exit
 02 Dirk Geiger - Itch Glitch
 03 Sounds From The Ground - Slate Grey
 04 Modcam - Grain Season
 05 Phobium - Cycle Of Life
 06 Phobium - Cycle Of Life (Vicious Circle)
 07 Ambient Intelligent Application - Ambient Light
 08 MentalImage -The Dreamer (Part I- Dream Is Destiny)
 09 Eastern Sun - Gravity
 10 Hyperwind - Deep Reflection
 11 PhantaSystem - Romy
 12 XIS - Space Actor
 13 Erofex - Jupiter
 14 Divided Harmonics - Exorcism (Wrong Mantra Remix)
 15 Synergic - Time To Change
 16 Cybernetika - Calling Mercurio
 17 Omni Trio - First Contact 

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