Kyoto – Izoterika Radioshow #008 Displacement Of The Orbit

Dear friends!
I decided to share all my radioshow mixes, which I played in 2011 on Internet station Psyradio.
Each radioshow is a compilation consisting the tracks of my favourite artists working in the genres of chillout, ambient, psychill, idm, experimental.
Each radioshow is its own element, its own emotions, its own journey.

Every Wednesday and Sunday I will post the new one of Izoterika Radioshow by Kyoto, today is the first recording, stay in touch and enjoy listening.

 01. Vir Unis - The Sun In A Moment
 02. Evan Bartholomew - Spirit Happening
 03. Celtic Cross - Fifth Level
 04. The Last Gambit - My Little Bird Died On A Rainy Day
 05. Subgardens - Listen to the Flowers Grow (Aes Dana rmx)
 06. Eguana - The Frozen Space
 07. Den Wave - Sweet
 08. Amos - Flaktsystem
 09. Eedl - Too Few Arguments (Lackluster Remix)
 10. Hoehle - Digital Cave
 11. Zen Garden - Frame
 12. Future - Ninbimimi
 13. Erot - Lonely on a Friday Night
 14. Forrest Effect - Unconscious Reality
 15. Malik Trey - Sleepy Shadows
 16. Nordlight - Interlude
 17. Koan feat. Krusseldorf - Rainfall
 18. Vonoom - Space Baby
 19. We Love - Cruise Control
 20. Audiovoid - The Melting Woman 

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